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The My Pages tab is a private section for you to store whatever information you want. These pages are not visible to the public. You must login to view them.

My Pages is customizable. You start with four "portlets" or tools. See illustration at right.
NOTE: The calendar you see is only a placeholder until you create your own calendar. If you click on "Add an  Event" in the top right corner of the calendar, you'll be prompted to create a calendar first.

To get more portlets, click on "Edit Page" in the top right corner of your screen.

My Marylhurst has two types of content.

1) A portlet is a specific tool such as the calendar or bookmarks list.

2) Custom content is a blank portlet in which you may upload photos and type any information you wish to save.

For this illustration, click on "Add a portlet."

Now you should see a list of portlets or tools that you may add to your pages.

Check the box in front of the portlet you want. Handouts allow you to upload documents.

Click "Add Portlets to page"

You should see the following message: Your new portlet was created successfully.

To rearrange your portlets on the page, click on "Layout."

Select 1, 2 or 3 columns

You may choose from six page designs, ranging from one to three columns.

Rearrange content

To move a portlet from one column to another, follow the circled links above.

1. Select the portlet you want to move.

2. Click on the column where you want it.

Now you should see the portlet in the text box below the column picture.

If you want to move the portlet higher or lower in the column, select it and click on the up and down arrows below the text box until it's in the place you want.
Click Save.


To change the calendar view so that it lists events:
1. Click on the wrench button.
2. Click on Settings button.
3. Select Event List.
4. Click Save. Then Exit.

Make your life easier with calendar subscriptions!

When you subscribe to calendars in My Marylhurst, the events from those calendars are automatically added to your personal calendar on the My Pages tab. This way, you only need to check one calendar for all the events you care about and not several different calendars.

Here are steps to subscribe to a calendar from a campus group:

1) Go to My Pages tab

2) At the bottom of your calendar, click on "Full Size Calendar"

3) Click on "Browse Shared Calendars"

4) You'll see a list of folders. Click on "Campus Life"
5) Click on "Campus Groups"
6) Click on the group name.
7) You'll see a list of calendars the group has made available for subscription. Click on Subscribe next to the calendar name.
8) Click "Back to calendar"

To subscribe to the Career Services calendar, in step 4, click on Services, then Subscribe next to the calendar you want.

To request information on our bachelors degrees and undergraduate certificate programs, click on the link below.
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