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MUSAC Mission


Marylhurst University is a responsive and evolving institution of higher learning that prepares students, engages staff, faculty, and alumni, and collaborates with other institutions, networks, and communities to actively and effectively contribute to personal, social, economic, and cultural shifts that align the needs and rhythms of humanity to those of our planet and the diverse life it supports.

Grounded in the values and deep integrity of the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary, Marylhurst University sets an internationally respected example of sustainability through its programs, practices, and facilities, and through the contributions of its members and graduates to work in the service of life in balance in the world.


In support of Marylhurst University’s mission to “aid students in advancing their goals for responsible participation in a rapidly changing world”; and to foster university-wide responsibility towards earth stewardship and building sustainable community; and to work to establish the university as a model of ecological sustainability; the Marylhurst University Sustainability Advisory Council seeks to:


            Encourage, advise and support university-wide implementation of sustainable operational practices

            Act as a liaison among community stakeholders including the university administration regarding sustainability concerns and recommendations

            Promote community education by making resources available, planning and/or participating in events for public awareness

            Engage the Marylhurst academic community in dialogue around, and encourage integration of, sustainability across the curriculum

Definition of "community": Unless otherwise articulated, “community” refers to Marylhurst students, alumni, staff, faculty and campus neighbors ( Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary,  Holy Names Heritage Center, and Mary’s Woods ).


Current Initiatives

Recommendation to Ban Use and Sale of  Bottled Water on Campus
Recommendation to Sign Talloires Declaration
Recommendation to Divest from Investment in Fossil Fuels

MUSAC Brown Bags

MUSAC offers brown bags on sustainability and environmental topics. Check the main Calendar of Events or My Marylhurst calendar for announcements of upcoming events. Open to Marylhurst community and general public. 
MUSAC Co-Chairs
Greg Dardis
Chair, Department of Science & Mathematics
Sister Carol Higgins, SNJM
Director, Office of University Ministry
Council Members
Wendi Butler, faculty, School of Business
Rod Endacott, student, BA-Interdisciplinary Studies
Rebecca Lockwood, staff, alumna, Interdisciplinary Studies: Sustainability
Alex Mihm, student, BA-Sustainability, Student Leadership Council 
Melissa Rounds, alumna, MBA-Sustainability
Sister Carole Strawn, SNJM, student, alumna, Sisters of the Holy Names
Paul Ventura, chair, Sustainable Business programs
MUSAC Committees
Executive Committee
Co-chairs: Greg Dardis and Sister Carol Higgins
Campus Practices/Facilities Team:
Rebecca Lockwood, Alex Mihm, Rod Endacott
Communications Team:
Sister Carole Strawn, 
Melissa Rounds, Sister Carol Higgins 
Curriculum Team:
Wendi Butler, Paul Ventura, Greg Dardis 
MUSAC Charter
MUSAC Charter - Revised Spring 2012 (.pdf, 108K)
MUSAC Charter 6.1.11 (.pdf, 37K)
Council Information
2013-14 MUSAC Meeting Schedule (.pdf, 78K)
2013-14 MUSAC Action Teams - (.pdf, 43K)
2012-13 Year in Review (.docx, 15K)
MUSAC Curriculum Team Report - February 2013 (.doc, 60K)
2011-12 Year in Review (.pdf, 91K)
Sustainability on Campus - October 2010 (.doc, 64K)
Tips for Sustainability on Campus
Use of Blue Bins In Classrooms and Offices (.pdf, 217K)
5 Simple Tips to Go Green (.pdf, 90K)
MUSAC Brown Bags
Notes - May 2013 Brown Bag Sustainability & Animal Farming (.docx, 113K)
Notes - April 2013 Brown Bag Bottled Water (.docx, 112K)
February 2013 Brown Bag: Student Project on Marylhurst Permaculture (.pdf, 165K)
Notes - January 2013 Brown Bag Sustainability - Global, Local, Marylhurst (.docx, 136K)
November 2012 Brown Bag: Sustainability and the Cultural Ecology of Belonging (.pdf, 320K)
Monthly Meeting Minutes
MUSAC Minutes - April 2014 (.docx, 22K)
MUSAC Minutes - March 2014 (.docx, 112K)
MUSAC Minutes - January 2014 (.docx, 30K)
MUSAC Minutes - November 2013 (.docx, 33K)
MUSAC Leadership Retreat Minutes - October 2013 (.docx, 29K)
MUSAC Minutes - October 2013 (.docx, 103K)
MUSAC Minutes - June 2013 (.docx, 115K)
MUSAC Minutes - May 2013 (.docx, 46K)
MUSAC Minutes - April 2013 (.docx, 131K)
MUSAC Minutes - March 2013 (.doc, 66K)
MUSAC Minutes - February 2013 (.docx, 16K)
MUSAC Minutes - January 2013 (.docx, 17K)
MUSAC Minutes - December 2012 (.docx, 127K)
MUSAC Minutes - November 2012 (.docx, 118K)
MUSAC Minutes - October 2012 (.docx, 15K)
MUSAC Minutes - March 2012 (.docx, 25K)
MUSAC Minutes - February 2012 (.docx, 20K)
MUSAC Minutes - January 2012 (.doc, 28K)
MUSAC Minutes - October 2011 (.docx, 38K)
MUSAC Minutes - September 2011 (.docx, 179K)
MUSAC Minutes - August 2011 (.docx, 13K)
MUSAC Meeting Minutes 3.17.11 (.doc, 36K)
MUSAC Meeting Minutes 2.17.11 (.doc, 31K)
MUSAC Leadership Retreat Minutes 1.20.11 (.doc, 34K)
Interior Design Student Project (2-2013) - Common Green (.pdf, 709K)
Energy Audit - Carbon Footprint
Oct. 2010 Energy Management Update (.pdf, 147K)
Stats as of 5.20.10 (.pdf, 24K)
Stats as of 3.31.10 (.pdf, 101K)
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