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What the tabs (across the top) contain

my.marylhurst changes what you see based on who you are, i.e., students, faculty, and staff all see slightly different views. 

Student Tabs

Registration and Finances 
Grades | Transcripts | 1098-T

Add/drop courses, syllabi, schedule of courses, grades, transcripts, textbooks
My Finances, pay online, print registration confirmation


Information for students on updating degree plans, change of major form

MU Life and Services

Career Services, Jobs and Internships, Work Study
Writing Center, Math Center
Credit By Exam for Undergraduates
Helpdesk for Online Classes, Accessibility and Disability Services
Community forums and bulletin boards
Online campus groups, Request group Web space

Faculty Tabs


Grades, FERPA, Marylhurst policies, Logistics and Support
University Faculty Council

Staff Tabs


President's Office, Policies-Procedures-Forms, Staff Initiatives,
General Information, Room Schedules,PDF Reports,
Enrollment By Course, Classes with Waitlists,
Academic Restructuring

Future Students


Track your admissions status and application materials


Tabs Everyone Sees

Personal Information

Privacy of your personal information on My Marylhurst
How to update your name and contact information with the university

My Pages

Private pages visible only to you
Click here for set-up instructions


1. Register for classes?
Registration and Finances tab (for assistance, see Registration Help link on sidebar)

2. Find course syllabi?
Registration and Finances tab > Syllabi (link -- see sidebar)

3. View my class schedule?
Registration and Finances tab

4. View my grades?
Registration and Finances tab > Grades (link -- see sidebar)

5. View my tuition account balance and pay online?
Registration and Finances tab > My Finances (link -- see sidebar)

6. Find textbook requirements?
Registration and Finances tab > Textbooks (link -- see sidebar)

7. Find jobs, work study and internships?
Campus Life and Services tab > Career Services (link -- see sidebar)

8. Find student community, group Web sites, forums and classified ads?
Campus Life and Services tab